Bitfinex Coupon – Promo Code

Up to 14% Bonus

Get up to 14% bonus per year for holding digital tokens with Bitfinex.

Bitfinex bonus FAQ

Receiving the bonus

What kind of bonus is this?

Bitfinex offers a staking reward.

Do i need to enter a Bitfinex bonus code or coupon to use the Bitfinex bonus?

It is not needed to enter a promo code for this bonus.

How do I receive the bonus without a bonus code?

It is pretty simple, you just have to buy certain digital tokens and hold it.

How much reward do I get?

Up to 14%! It depends on the amount of digital tokens, but this is the estimated annual staking reward.

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Bitfinex bonus requirements

How does the staking reward work exactly?

Here are three easy steps:

  1. Choose a digital token which is supported by Bitfinex
  2. Deposit to Bitfinex
  3. Earn rewards on a weekly basis

When do I receive my bonus/reward?

You can watch it grow every week.

Which digital tokens are supported?

  • TRX
  • EOS
  • XTZ
  • ATOM
  • ALGO
  • VSYS
  • ADA

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of digital tokens for staking?

No, this is up to you.

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Further questions about the bonus, coupon or promo code

Are there fees involved?


Does bitfinex guarantee a certain percentage of staking rewards?

No. 14% is just an estimate.

Can I still withdraw or trade staked tokens?

Yes, it is possible.

How safe is this method?

It is very safe, the stokens are stored at cold wallets. Also they only stake a small portion of the digital tokens they hold.

Does Bitfinex has other promotions as well?

Yes, they also have a 15 – 25% trading fee discount! It is a reduced fee for trading token against token. Just click on the link below and the discount will be added automatically.

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More info about Bitfinex

“Bitfinex is the world’s largest and most advanced Bitcoin trading platform”

This is the belief that they live in an everyday struggle to make a really awesome trading platform for people that love to trade cryptocurrencies online. Today we will be looking into what has in store for us traders. For starters, they are a Hong-Kong based exchange that is specialized in cryptocurrency trading.

They have seven cryptocurrencies that are being traded here and this would include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Leverage trading is also being allowed up to 3.3 times. If you do not know how leverages work, then take some time to read about it here.

Trading with BitFinex

To start trading with BitFinex, an account should be made first. To register an account, you need to provide a username, email, and password for that new said account. Once provided, click on register and go to the email provided for the confirmation email.

Once logged into the trading interface, you will be able to see all the information of the current BTC/USD trading as this is the pre-defined chart settings. You can change the pairs by clicking on “Trading” which can be found on the upper left side of the account interface.

If you want to purchase any positions, just use the order form located on the left-hand side tab of the account page. Here you are able to change the limit, stop order, and the option to long or short a position. In short, everything that you need to know about the current trade can be found in this tab.

The interface needs a lot of getting used to, but the design itself is streamlined and looks really professional. Offer takers need to pay 0.2% in fees and traders that place trades pay a fee of 0.1%.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Here at they only accept cryptocurrency and wire transfers for deposits and payouts. This means that when you want to deposit you just need to click on the “Deposit” tab located on the upper right-hand corner of the account page. Doing so will redirect you to the selection page and select which cryptocurrency you want to deposit. They will then provide you with the unique address to where you need to transfer the currency at. With withdrawals, all you need to do is provide your wallet address and deposit there. Fee for withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC per transaction. You can read more about their fees here.


The trading interface of is complicated, thus experience in the field is a plus. The good thing about the interface is that it is well-designed which makes it impossible not to learn. Pairs are good as there are a lot to choose from. Overall, this website isn’t so bad at all to try out.

Up to 14% Bonus

Get up to 14% bonus per year for holding digital tokens with Bitfinex.
Last updated: 28. November 2020