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- 25% Discount

Get 25% off your first card

Cryptopay discount FAQ


Receiving the discount

Do i need to enter a Cryptopay bonus code or coupon to use the Cryptopay discount?

No, there is no need for a promo code in this case.

How do I receive the discount without a bonus code?

Simply click on the link below, and you will see an invitation info with the discount.

How much discount do I get?


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Cryptopay discount details and requirements

For what exactly can I use this discount?

It is a promotion for the C.Pay prepaid card only.

Which details do I have to provide to get the discount?

In the first step you need to confirm your email and pick a password. In a second step, they ask for:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship

>> Click here to get your discount on Cryptopay <<

More info about Cryptopay

Ever wondered how to use cryptocurrency in the real world? offers the services of bridging that gap between the virtual currency world and our world in general. Not only are you able to use the hard-earned Bitcoins in real life, you are also able to pay real items with your account! Indeed we are living in the future. Today we will be talking about what you can do with this technology.

What is Cryptopay?

As mentioned above, Cryptopay is an online wallet service that provides you an opportunity to hold on to your cryptocurrencies online, in other words, an online wallet. Aside from able to hold on to your cryptocurrencies, they are also able to manage your Fiat currencies online as well. This means that you are able to top up your virtual wallet with real money and use that to pay for online transactions. Safe, easy and of course, fast!

Features of Cryptopay

Being a Bitcoin wallet service means that they are able to keep your Bitcoins safe for future crypto currency transactions. Aside from being a Bitcoin wallet, they also double as a Fiat online wallet for you to be able to transact online with Fiat currency.

They also feature an exchange wherein you can easily purchase Bitcoins if you ran out of it. Last but not the least, they also offer a physical card wherein paying for Bitcoins in the real world wouldn’t be hard anymore! You can read more about their Bitcoin debit card here.

How to get Cryptopay

Just like any other new wallets out there today, we are able to create an account online or through AppStore or PlayStore respectively. Just recently, they have added their physical card into the services that they offer. You can apply for the card through your online account or mobile app.


There’s actually nothing special about the services that offers since this is all basic compared to any other new online wallet services today. If you are looking for an online wallet that offers Bitcoin and Fiat transactions, along with a possible physical card application, then this website should be a part of your list.

- 25% Discount

Get 25% off your first card
Last updated: 18. October 2020