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Get a first deposit bonus, doubling your deposit, up to $600!

Up to $600 Bonus :

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EGB bonus FAQ

Receiving the first deposit bonus

Do i need to enter a EGB bonus code or coupon to use the EGB bonus?

No, not for the first deposit bonus. They have another deposit bonus with a bonus code, which you can find further below.

How do I receive the bonus without a bonus code?

Simply register and make a deposit. The bonus will be gradually added to your account, after you make your bets.

What is the maximum bonus amount I can claim?

It is a 100% bonus of up to $600!

What does 100% bonus mean?

Deposit $200 and you will get $200 as a bonus.

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EGB bonus requirements

What is the minimum deposit?

You will get a 1st deposit bonus for any 1st deposit from 1$, but the min. deposit is depending on the system or wallet, which you use.

Can I see the progress of the bonus redemption?

Yes, you can follow it in your profile.

Is there a time limit of the bonus?

Yes, 3 months after the activation.

Can I use the promo code more than once?


How to redeeem the bonus?

The bonus will be divided in 5 parts and will  be added to your balance. The ratio is 1 USD per 500 points. To make it more clear, here is an example. Lets say you have a 10 USD bonus. That means you will get 2 USD every time when you accumulate 1000 points. Also check the image below.

Can I redeem two bonuses at once?

You can receive another bonus, but it will be queued.

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Further questions about the bonus, coupon or promo code

Does EGB have a promo code for a no deposit bonus?

No, you have to make a deposit.

Do they have other bonuses?

Yes. For the latest promotions check their promo section on the website. There is currently another depsit bonus available. Double your deposit in October with the bonus code WORLDS2020. It is valid until October 31st and you can claim up to $150.

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More info about EGB

Usually we are skeptical about new ideas, as there are usually only hidden bonus conditions behind them. But EGB seems to have actually thought of something clever and wants to promise its customers a real bonus program instead of new customer bonuses. The maximum bonus is up to 600 dolars and is activated after a first minimum deposit of 10 dollars with a wager redemption bonus. If you have not heard the word before, neither have we. That’s why we have taken a closer look at the bonus.

Look out! As already mentioned, this is a wagering redemption bonus. If you collect the bonus points and place bets, you win one bonus dollar for every 500 points (which are credited to your account). EGB eSports Experience and Rating 2020You can then use these again. The program sounds more complicated than it is and actually only works on the loyalty system. Whoever diligently bets on EGB is rewarded with up to 600 dollars. We award 5 out of 5 stars for the slowly growing, but immense bonus.

Betting offer

ETUC wants to be more than just a betting provider. The idea EGB started with an interactive platform around the topic of gaming. In our EGB eSports experiences, it became clear that the community is in a lively exchange with each other. But EGB presents itself with a significant flaw, because its license is issued on Curacao, what this means in concrete terms and much more we will illuminate in our test. It is important for EGB to be a pure eSport betting provider and does not talk about betting, but about “playing”.

All big names are represented

In our EGB eSports experience, the bookmaker specializes in eSports betting. As already mentioned, the platform had only informative character in the past, but has started to offer bets in 2011. The well-known titles are of course represented, like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota2 and also League of Legends. But you can also bet on other smaller titles.

  • Dota2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG
  • FIFA
  • Starcraft

Life is “Live”

Of course EGB has been able to inspire live betting at an early stage. The whole platform lives from the idea of playing together. Therefore we strongly assume that the bookmaker will not lack game analysts. For newcomers: A live bet is only placed during the actual event, i.e. “live”. Unlike a classic bet, certain game dynamics of the game are therefore included in the odds. The betting provider has its own analysts who, together with the bettors, evaluate the game at all times, thus creating special betting markets. In League of Legends, for example, a game outcome is significantly delayed if the favorite had a bad pick and ban. At the time of our EGB eSports experience, EGB offers live betting in LoL, Dota2, Rainbow6 and Chess.

Cash Out?

There is no information about Cashout Service on EGB yet. We welcome the increase in Cashout opportunities as it allows bettors to end their bets early. This means you can sell your betting slip before the betting event. Whether the favourite is now in front or behind, is evaluated by EGB analysts and at any time with a fixed value. Excitement is pre-programmed, since you can already pocket a large part of your potential profit with an emerging bad gut feeling, although you are objectively in front.

High odds and lots of excitement for underdogs

The odds level on ETUC is similar to other pure eSports betting providers. However, in our EGB eSports experience it has become clear that EGB likes to keep the odds high for the outsider. Whether this is the intention is not easy to clarify. What comes with a relative risk for the bookmaker could bring the weather high profits if he bets on the underdog. Moreover, ETUC does not hide its odds and advertises them openly (without any obligation to register).ETUC eSports experiences and assessment 2020

Deposits and withdrawals

Meanwhile, most betting providers offer both credit card services and e-wallets. Paypal is unfortunately not supported by EGB. However, there is little information about the payment requirements both on the site and in the terms and conditions. Minimum payouts, fees, these topics are handled very intransparently and cause some uncertainty. Although we didn’t read about a lot of hype about bounced bets in the social media channels and forums, German paragraph riders are still being listened to. With the current information we can only give 2 out of 5 stars, because although all common means of payment are available, the handling is very spongy.

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • ecoPayz
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex
  • Quiwi
  • Alipay
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Reliability and security

You already suspect it, EGB has a little blemish. Unfortunately, it is always the small bookmakers who feel compelled to resort to a Caribbean license. So EGB has no EU licence. However, operates for Exedra Malta Limited, which is based in Malta. EGB eSports Experiences and Evaluation 2020 Although our experience with licenses from Curacao is slowly increasing, we can still understand the bad feeling that comes with a non-EU license. However, since the company is located in the EU, we award 2 of 5 stars.

Service and Support

The service includes a mediocre FAQ page and an email address. However, since 2018 EGB has established a live chat, which we of course tried out right away. In English language you will be helped promptly and in our EGB eSports experiences all questions were answered competently and politely. Unfortunately we are missing a telephone number. We would welcome a German speaking customer service, which is connected with a German number and therefore without extreme telephone costs.

Optics and design

The website is officially supported in German, but most of the content is still in English. But according to the history, more and more content is being prepared in German as well, because people want to avoid faulty automated translations. Apart from the content, the site comes in a great layout. Livestreams impress as well as the various game covers and the odds. As already mentioned, EGB used to be a purely informative platform, so everything has the character of an information page. We welcome the combination of encyclopedia, forum and betting site in one. EGB sets new standards and has earned the full score!

The app as an integral part of the community

So far there is an EGB app for Android systems. The app is also an integral part of the community, there are discussions about games and titles and also shows odds. Unfortunately there is no information about an IOS app. However, in our EGB eSports experience a barrier-free access from mobile devices seems to be possible without problems.

No betting tax on EGB

A betting tax is a levy of 5% on every bet to which every federal state is entitled under German gambling law. However, since the ETUC does not have an EU licence, they do not make any statement on betting tax. We would wish that transparent statements could be made about the whereabouts of the betting tax.

ETUC eSports Experiences and Evaluation 2020A calculation example: If we were to bet 20€, for example, we would actually have to pay 21€ to EGB to cover the 5% betting tax. But this would have to be paid 1 to 1 to the respective national tax authorities.

Further offers

ETUC, as is well known, wants to be more than just a betting site. Beside various compendia and livestream including moderated comments, the online shop for gamer articles should not be missing. It remains exciting to see where the EGB project can develop further.

Up to $600

Get a first deposit bonus, doubling your deposit, up to $600!

Up to $600 Bonus :

Get your Bonus here
Last updated: 12. October 2020