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Anyone who is interested in online casinos, sooner or later will come across Bitcoin Casinos. But which providers are reputable? What about fees and features? We have looked at the most popular casinos, tested and compare these now in the following article.

Today, Bitcoin has penetrated so far into the centre of people’s lives that people naturally try to integrate it into their everyday life. Even though there is always talk of a “bubble” that will soon burst, there are enough experts who are of the opinion that Bitcoin could no longer be displaced from the screen surface. So-called online casinos, which are always on the lookout for both cheap and secure payment transactions, are also dealing with digital currency and even offer to make deposits with Bitcoin.

The aim is not only to reduce transaction costs, but also to give players a decent degree of freedom of choice. The more payment methods are offered, the higher the probability that the variant that suits the player is also included.

This is where the crypto currency Bitcoin comes into play. But can one simply decide to go for a Bitcoin Casino or is it advisable to stock up on information in advance in order to have the certainty that it is a recommendable provider? Because it is primarily not only a matter of being able to make deposits with the crypto-currency Bitcoin, but also of any fees, the game offer and of course the question of whether it is a reputable – i.e. licensed – provider.

Are other payment methods also accepted?

Please note that there may also be differences between Bitcoin Casinos. A distinction is made between the following casino types:

Pure Bitcoin Casinos that do not accept any other payment method apart from digital currency; without client software and connected Bitcoin Wallet, one has no possibility to use the casino’s services. Various deposits as well as withdrawals are only processed via the specific system. This means that you can neither use your credit card nor the payment service Sofortüberweisung to top up your account, but must always use the crypto currency Bitcoin. Pure Bitcoin Casinos are for example, mbit Casino or Cloudbet. An advantage that a pure Bitcoin Casino brings with it, is the fact that here for transactions will probably never incur fees. Due to the fact that the fees are so low, these are usually always taken over by the online casino.

Online Casinos with Bitcoin offer: There are also online casinos that fall into the category Bitcoin Casinos, because they offer this payment method. This does not mean that other payment methods are excluded – you can very well also with the credit card, by means of instant or even bank transfer your account. Examples of this are Betchan or Playamo.

What to pay attention to in advance

If you are looking for a serious Bitcoin casino, it is advisable to proceed as if you were looking for a classic online casino. The following points should be noted:

  1. That is, at the beginning it is once about making sure that the online casino has a valid gambling license at all. The Malta Gaming Authority, for example, is a relatively well-known authority that issues gambling licenses.
  2. It is also important that the online casino is also checked by an independent company at regular intervals. The customer can therefore be sure that the random number generator (RNG) as well as the payout rate (RTP) are continuously checked, so that any fraudulent activities can be excluded. In the end, it is really luck that decides whether or not you win big.
  3. If you are sure that you are dealing with a provider with a gambling licence, the next step is customer service. So how helpful are the employees if you need help or support? In this case, you should also check whether the assistance is offered in German or not.
  4. Another point that should not be ignored is the experience reports found on the World Wide Web. So if you are unsure, you should look for any reviews or test reports. If you find any reports from satisfied customers on the casino site, you should be especially careful – they could be reports written by the casino itself to put itself in a better light. Especially if there are many negative reports on the Internet, there are a few providers who try to attract new customers with “better reports” that can be found on their own site. In the end, experience reports are only helpful if they were found on independent platforms.
  5. In the end it is about the available payment methods. If one wants to make transactions with the crypto currency Bitcoin, it is important that the digital currency is also accepted by the online casino.

Registration and first deposit

If you want to put your luck to the test in an online casino, it is of course first and foremost a matter of dealing with the security measures very intensively. If you have found out that the RTP and RNG values are checked at regular intervals and that the customer service employees are working satisfactorily – i.e. they have scored points with their suggestions for solutions – you can sometimes make your first deposit. Using Fairspin as an example, we show how this can be done:

Here is a brief guide to the most important steps in using Bitcoins to participate in online casinos:

Step 1: Registration

But before you can load your account with the digital currency Bitcoin, you have to register with the casino. Here, various data are required, which must then be entered truthfully. The first deposit is therefore only possible after registration and successful activation of the account. Since this process is handled differently by each casino, you should always follow the instructions. In our case, the first step is to enter our phone number and email and agree to the terms and conditions.

Note: If desired, the language can be changed to English at any time at the bottom right of the page.

Step 2: Payment

Afterwards you have direct access to the customer account and click on “Deposit” in the upper right corner. Here you can now choose which digital currency you would like to deposit money with, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Then select the desired amount and copy the wallet address. The deposit can now be sent to this address.

Alternatively, you can also select credit card as payment method and make the payment by entering your credit card information.

Step 3: Play after the deposit

Once the first deposit has been made, you can then put your money into classic slot machines, modern slots or even traditional table games – such as Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette – and hope to increase your bet. The deposit is displayed in the account screen on the right side.

It is important, however, to consider which bonus programs are currently available when making your first deposit. At Fairspin this is currently a 100% bonus and 30 free spins, so every deposit up to the wagered amount is doubled.

Can the winnings also be paid out in Bitcoin?

If you are interested in depositing with Bitcoin, you will sometimes wonder whether you can also make a payout in Bitcoin. A Bitcoin casino naturally offers such a possibility, whereby it should be checked before the payout whether fees can sometimes be incurred.

So if you have had luck on your side and have been able to increase your stake, the payout of the winnings is now the issue. In the private account area you just have to click on “Payout” and then – if offered – choose Bitcoin.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Bitcoin casino at a glance

A casino that offers its customers the Bitcoin payment option does not only appeal to crypto fans, because there are certainly some advantages that should not be ignored. However, one should not forget that there are also some downsides if you decide to deposit with Bitcoin.

Probably the biggest plus point is the anonymity. The customer can make a deposit anonymously – it is not possible to find out any details that might indicate who made the deposit. This means that there is no need to worry about any taxes or even costs such as fees.

The disadvantage is that the market value of the crypto currency naturally fluctuates. This means that the balance can change at any time – so on Wednesday, without having played, you can have less money in your account than on Monday. For this reason, you should also change the Bitcoin in the online casino to euros, so that the credit balance – regardless of the exchange rate of the Bitcoin – remains unchanged, as it is not dependent on any exchange rate fluctuations.

  • Attention: One should not forget that a Bitcoin Casino does not require an official gambling license. The offer can therefore be made available without the need for verification by a supervisory authority. For this reason it is advisable to find out in advance whether the casino has a license.
  • Privacy: Deposits can be made anonymously
  • Low fees: Most Bitcoin Casinos have very low deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Fluctuating price: The Bitcoin price is very volatile, i.e. profits or losses can occur even without your own intervention
  • Only a few Bitcoin Casinos with a license: In our test we only presented licensed casinos!

Taxes and fees

Even though Bitcoin is different from the classic currencies, i.e. the US dollar or the euro, this does not mean that you do not have to pay taxes. The profits must of course be taxed.

However, taxes only have to be paid if Bitcoin is sold or paid with it. So if you have invested your money in the crypto currency or already have coins in your digital wallet, you do not have to pay any taxes on them.

Another point that should not be ignored is the possible fees that may be incurred if you choose a Bitcoin Casino. So before deciding on a casino you should find out if there are any fees – such as a withdrawal fee.

Bitcoin Casinos: Bonus without deposit?

In addition to the question of whether there are any fees, it is also a question of whether the provider offers the prospect of a bonus. Currently, however, there is no exclusive welcome bonus, which is explicitly only available to players who have decided to deposit with Bitcoin. However, most casinos offer a bonus on the first deposit, usually 100%. However, before you decide on a bonus, you should read the bonus terms and conditions.

The conclusion

More and more online casinos are offering their customers the possibility to top up their account with Bitcoin. In the field of gambling, the future of the crypto currency thus seems almost guaranteed. Not only is the payment process with Bitcoin extremely simple, the digital currency also scores in the area of security.

Of course it must be mentioned at this point, however, that if a player is looking for an online casino, he should make sure in advance that it is a reputable provider – in our comparison we have presented five trustworthy casinos.