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Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC!

Up to 1 BTC Bonus :

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OneHash bonus FAQ

Receiving the welcome bonus

Do i need to enter a OneHash bonus code or coupon to use the OneHash bonus?

No, there is no need for a promo code.

How do I receive the bonus without a bonus code?

It will be added automatically to your account.

What is the maximum bonus I can get?

You can get up to 1 BTC.

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OneHash bonus requirements

How long is the bonus valid?

The deposit bonus will be active for you to unlock 180 days after your first deposit.

Are there rollover details?

The bonus has to be rolled over on a bet (over x1,1) on slots, options or dice.

How does the bonus redemption work exactly?

The deposit bonus will be awarded for every bet to your account, with a multiplier of x1.1 (or more). Check the details below:

  • for a x1.1 bet you receive 1.1% bonus
  • for a x2 bet you receive 2% bonus
  • for a x3.143 bet you receive 3.143% bonus
  • for a x10+ bet you receive 10% bonus

Is there a minimum bet at OneHash?

Yes, it is 0.0001 BTC.

Are there exceptions for the minimum bet?

Yes, at Slots and Dice you can even bet with 0.00000001 BTC.

Is there a minimum withdrawal limit?

Yes, 0.001 BTC.

Is the withdrawal for free?

Yes, there is one free withdrawal every 7 days.

Is there an account limit?

Yes, you are not allowed to store more than 10 BTC at OneHash.

Is the OneHash wallet free of charge?

Yes, as long as you are active. If you become inactive (90 days) there is a maintenance fee of 0.005 BTC per month.

Will I be notified when my account becomes inactive?

Yes, 7 days before.

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Further questions about the bonus, coupon or promo code

Does OneHash have a promo code for a no deposit bonus?

No, there is no such coupon at the moment.

Are there other bonuses?

The 100% welcome bonus is the only one currently.

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More info about OneHash

Bets have always been made. Even in ancient Greece, 700 B.C., bets were made for money at the Olympic Games. Of course, the main aim was to compare with each other and to be even better integrated into the game, if you already bet money on the athletes or players.

But more and more sports betting became a profitable source of income. Everyone can try their luck. And with a little bit of knowledge and experience the chances are much better than 50 / 50! Since betting is a popular pastime, it still exists in the 21st century. But today they already exist in a completely different way than the ancient Greeks did.

What is OneHash?

Since the end of 2013 the company from the USA has been offering online betting. But the special thing about it is that all bets are paid and settled in Bitcoin. This means that the online casino is very popular and supported, especially by young sports enthusiasts. Several thousand people place bets every day or try the other types of gambling that OneHash offers. There are many other online casinos based on the Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. But why OneHash is very popular is actually quite simple.

When you think of casinos, you usually have a dark room, with far too many colorful lights, which is overloaded with gaming tables and people in the back of your mind. Of course online casinos are different, but most are full of advertisements or other annoying ads, buttons and pop-ups. OneHash is very different. The website is built in a very simple and clear design. You see exactly what you really want to see. Also, logging in is very easy and actually not even necessary.

You can register or you can participate in the bets anonymously, just with the Bitcoin Wallet address. This allows complete anonymity and you can participate in the game at your leisure. This ease of use makes OneHash much more interesting than the competition. So if you don’t like to be inundated with ads and information, you will like OneHash from the construction alone.

What types of bets are there?

OneHash offers bets from a wide variety of areas. First of all the Bitcoin sports bets. As sports there are soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, American football, rugby, volleyball, handball, boxing, cricket, motor sports and ski jumping. All these sports offer a wide variety of loungers and levels. For example, in football you will find not only the World Cup, but also about 30 other categories such as the Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Europa League, Championship and all the leagues from other countries such as France, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, England and so on! You really have a huge choice of games and not only in football.

There are also e-sports like Counter Strike, LoL, Call of Duty and Overwatch. Then there are bets on stocks and crypto currencies. Here you determine whether the price should go down or up or will have reached a certain level after a certain time. However, only connoisseurs should take part in these bets. If you don’t want to bet at all, you can also try your luck at dice or with the one-armed bandit.

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OneHash Events

Another novel form of betting is betting on events. Here you can bet on an actor, for example, whether he will win an Oscar. You could even bet your money on Angela Merkel or Martin Schulz, which of the two would be the next German Chancellor. This is an interesting way of betting that is really fun!

How much can I win?

In OneHash you bet against other players, not against OneHash itself. The multiplier with which the win is calculated depends on the distribution of the bets. For example, if 5 people bet on Team Blue and 20 people bet on Team Red, you have a much higher multiplier for Team Blue. The multiplier can change until the end of the bet. The money of the losers then pays out the winners. The winners get back their own stake and the profit calculated by the multiplier. So the amount of the profit always depends on the specific situation.

Is OneHash serious or fraudulent?

It’s hard to know any other way, but usually the house always wins. But with OneHash it’s a bit different, because you don’t play against the house. The bets cannot be faked, because the result is based on a real event. So you can be sure that OneHash does not use any tricks and you always get your winnings honestly.

The registration is completely free of charge. Even if you play anonymously you don’t pay anything extra. OneHash is only entitled to 1% of the total stake. This way they can talk to each other and expand their service.

The OneHash Affiliate Program

OneHash even has an affiliate program. If you get someone new to bet with OneHash, you yourself will receive 2% of your profit as commission. This 2% is not deducted by the affiliate, but comes from OneHash’s own pockets.

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Since a trip to the USA I have been a crazy Ice Hockey fan! The Pittsburgh Penguins are my personal favorite. But I also follow the NHL and bet on many games. And almost always right! In hockey games the multiplier is usually between 1.7 and 3.0. Through the famous cloudmining service Invia World I got a handful of Bitcoin and use it for my bets. On average I bet between 40 and 80 € in Bitcoin. That really pays off.

Immediately after the end of the game you are notified and in case of a win you get the winnings transferred to your own Bitcoin Wallet. I really like the fact that the whole process runs online and without any problems. The only thing I have to criticize about OneHash is that the site is only available in English and other languages, but not in German. Also, it sometimes takes a bit of time to transfer the Bitcoin to the OneHash account, because everything has to be processed by OneHash again. But these are only minor flaws. On the other hand, you have complete anonymity, a top online casino with a clear design and security, because you do not play against OneHash, but against other people.

OneHash is great fun for betting enthusiasts. Here anyone can participate and win, without registration or much back and forth. You should never bet more than you are willing to lose, but I can only recommend to test your luck and skills at OneHash!

Up to 1 BTC

Get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC!

Up to 1 BTC Bonus :

Get your Bonus here
Last updated: 12. October 2020