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Overbit bonus FAQ

Receiving the deposit bonus

Do i need to enter an Overbit bonus code or coupon to use the Overbit bonus?

Not at all, it works without any promo code.

How do I receive the bonus without a bonus code?

It will be added automatically to your account.

How much bonus do I get?


What kind of bonus is this?

A deposit bonus.

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Overbit bonus requirements

Is there a minimum deposit required?

Yes, you need to deposit at least 0,2 BTC.

Do I need to verify by SMS before I make the deposit?


When do I get my bonus?

Immediately after the confirmation of your deposit.

Does the bonus expire?

Yes, after you make a withdrawal or after 30 days.

What is the bonus used for?

  • initial margin
  • maintenance margin
  • funding

Can I get more bonuses?

Only if it is a different campaign.

Does the deposit have to be a single transaction?


Can I transfer or withdraw the bonus?

No, it is only available for trading.

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More info about Overbit

A recent Overbit survey revealed that professional traders prefer to keep their funds in USDT rather than bitcoin. The survey, conducted in the last two weeks of March, involved over 2,500 crypto currency traders from 90 countries on Overbit.com, one of the leading crypto currency derivatives trading platforms.

At Overbit, it is possible to trade crypto currency, forex and commodities using bitcoin and without having to hold the assets. The questions to traders were intended to determine their background, preferences and behavior patterns and, among other things, it was found that traders in general prefer to use bitcoin for trading, but prefer Tether to keep.

Overbit recently added the USDT deposit option, while before it only allowed bitcoin. This new option has become the preferred one for more experienced traders in order to reduce volatility risks, while others still prefer BTC.

In terms of history, the survey found most traders between 35 and 44 years old, with 73% of them having at least one year of experience in cryptomino trading. Therefore, while the average age is relatively low, the percentage of beginners is also very low. Another interesting result concerns school education. In fact, most beginner traders have no advanced education, and this, according to Overbit CEO and founder Chieh Liu, means that trading is for everyone.

Regulated trading

The survey also revealed that traders usually use three different exchanges to meet all their needs, with a preference for secure and fast platforms. Professional traders prefer regulated ones, probably because they intend to move large amounts of money for themselves and their clients. Another rather curious result is the dominance of the desktop over mobile tools.

In fact, although many mid-level beginners prefer to trade using mobile applications, in reality the first option remains on the computer, probably due to the sophisticated trading tools and bots that can only be used on large screens. The most surprising result, however, is perhaps the number of transactions performed daily by different types of traders.

While on the one hand it is not surprising that beginners are less active and average users are quite active, on the other hand what is surprising is the fact that professionals trade a series of daily trades on average much more similar to beginners than average users.

Beginners and professionals do very little business, while the average users are the ones who perform the most operations. According to Chieh Liu, professional traders probably prefer to do some quality operations rather than many individually less profitable ones.

$200 deposit bonus

Get a $200 Bonus!

$200 Bonus:

Get your Bonus here
Last updated: 29. October 2020