Prime XBT Promo Code “TotheMoon” – 50% Deposit Bonus!

50% Bonus

You will receive a 50% 1st deposit bonus!

Prime XBT Promo Code FAQ

Receiving the 50% deposit bonus

Do i need to enter a Prime XBT bonus code or coupon to use the Prime XBT bonus?

Yes. To claim the 50% deposit bonus you need to enter the following promo code:

  • tothemoon

How do I receive the bonus and where do I enter the promo code?

There are three simple steps in order to receive the bonus:

  1. Register an account with one of the links in this article.
  2. Fund your account and copy & paste tothemoon in the “promocode section”.
  3. Receive your bonus and enjoy trading!

What kind of bonus is this?

It is a deposit bonus.

How much bonus do I get?

Up to 1 BTC.

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Prime XBT bonus requirements

Can I claim this bonus if I have already made a deposit?

No, this is only valid for the first deposit.

How long will the bonus be active?

Till one month after the activation.

Where can I see my bonus?

You can find it in “Reward”.

Can I withdraw the bonus?


Can I still withdraw my funds?

Yes, but as soon as you do that the bonus will be removed.

Do trade fees, overnight financing charges and settled P&L affect the bonus?


What if my balance becomes negative with an active bonus?

You can still continue to trade, as long as it doesn`t exceed the amount of the bonus. If that happens the bonus is considered as spent and the balance will be cleared back to zero.

Will the removal of the bonus from my account decrease the equity?

Yes. You are responsible to maintain sufficient margin levels, otherwise positions could be liquidated.

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Further questions about the bonus, coupon or promo code

Does Prime XBT have a promo code for a no deposit bonus?

No, currently you have to make a deposit to get a bonus.

Do they have other bonuses?

Yes, there is also a 35% bonus on your first deposit. Please note that you can either use the 50% or 35% bonus on your first deposit. To claim that bonus, you have to enter the bonus code:

>> Click here to get your Bonus on Prime XBT <<

More info about Prime XBT

In this report we will write about our PrimeXBT experience, and where we see advantages and disadvantages of the platform to others. PrimeXBT is a newer trading platform where you can grow Bitcoin through crypto, forex, index, commodity and metal trading. In total there are over 30 assets that can be traded. This is exactly why the platform is gaining more and more members. The platform was founded in 2018 and already has a daily trading volume of over 375 million US dollars. Due to the good mix between the assets, this volume is constantly increasing. To ensure that the trading platform provides sufficient liquidity, over 12 liquidity providers are used. For many traders the enormous leverage is also interesting, which can go up to 1000x. Although large profits can be made with this leverage, one should forget that it can also lead to enormous losses. We will now take a closer look at how trading on PrimeXBT works and the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

How the trading platform works

PrimeXBT offers a variety of tradable assets, including some crypto currencies, many forex pairs, metals, indices and commodities. Registration is done in a few seconds without the need for a complex know-your-customer procedure (KYC), allowing you to start trading immediately. The user interface is very clear and can be individually designed using so-called widgets. You can also move and rearrange everything using drag & drop. Bitcoin is used as basic currency. As initial deposit at least 0.001 BTC is required. The charting tool of PrimeXBT is strongly based on Tradingview and offers all basic means. PrimeXBT offers a series of tutorials that will help you to find your way around very quickly. So far the interface is unfortunately only available in English. A special feature, however, is that PrimeXBT offers a very nicely designed mobile app, which also offers all functions.

PrimeXBT Trading – Dashboard

As already mentioned above, the dashboard of PrimeXBT is very clearly arranged and offers all the functions one could wish for. The platform also regularly updates, improves and extends the system.

The dashboard itself is divided into three main categories. The first “Account” concerns everything that has to do with the account at PrimeXBT. Here you will also find the Bitcoin address, you can request payouts, make system settings and so on.

Under the second tab “Trade” you will find the trading interface. Here you can find all assets, the chart, open orders, open positions. As already mentioned above, you can also create additional tabs here and move and rearrange the windows themselves. Also under this tab is the account balance, if trades are running the profit/loss display, used margin, available margin and so on.

Under the menu item Covesting a kind of copy trading function will be added in the future. There will be functions like the creation of a portfolio, a performance display of the traders and you can create a fund under this tab. Everything is currently active for selected beta traders.

Mobile Trading

Who hasn’t… you make a trade and a short time later you have to go. But what do you do with your open positions? On PrimeXBT this problem does not exist, because you can manage your positions on the go. A very clear mobile app makes this possible. It is available via the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.


The pleasant thing about PrimeXBT is that there are no deposit fees. Withdrawals are subject to 0.0005 BTC. For trades there is a so-called flat fee per trade. The fee is 0.05 percent per trade. If positions are held for more than one day, so-called overnight fees are charged. If a position is opened and closed on the same day, these fees do not apply. The great thing about PrimeXBT is that as a frequent trader you are rewarded by the exchange. You get a 25% discount on the fees if you trade a lot on the platform.

The company PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT has a head office in the Seychelles, which is responsible for trading, the technical department is located in St. Vincent and Grenadines. On LinkedIn you can learn more about the team members of PrimeXBT. On LinkedIn alone there are 22 PrimeXBT team members. It is not known how many team members the company has in total.
Advantages and disadvantages of PrimeXBT

The advantage of PrimeXBT is clearly that you can not only grow your Bitcoin on the platform using crypto, but also with assets from “traditional markets”. The platform itself was launched in 2018 and now counts well over 100,00 traders with a daily trading volume of more than 600 million US dollars. You can clearly see from the daily trading volume that more and more people are trading on the platform. More than 12 liquidity providers ensure sufficient liquidity so that all orders are executed in a liquid and appropriate manner. Even in the event of major price fluctuations, the platform runs smoothly and without freezing. PrimeXBT itself gives a figure of 7.12 milliseconds for the average ‘execution of an order.


  • Flexible lever up to 1000x
  • Flat fees
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Very clearly arranged
  • Very easy registration – 30 sec
  • No KYC necessary – anonymous
  • Robust with high volatility
  • Quick support
  • Detailed help on the page


  • Deposit only with Bitcoin
  • Low withdrawal fee


As written above in our PrimeXBT experience, registering on PrimeXBT is very easy and takes little more than 30 seconds. All you need is an email address, which has to be confirmed, and you’re done. You can now make a deposit in Bitcoin and start trading. No prior verification is necessary, as is the case with various brokers.

We have tested several other trading platforms before PrimeXBT that offer trading with leverage, so we can offer a good comparison of advantages and disadvantages. Besides PrimeXBT we have tested 3 other pure crypto platforms with margin trading: Bybit, bitMEX and Deribit. We also used some CFD providers for comparison. You can find the whole trading provider comparison here. Enclosed you will find a short comparison of PrimeXBT and the market leader bitMEX as well as the comparison to CFD brokers.

PrimeXBT vs bitMEX vs Deribit vs ByBit

PrimeXBT is one of the newer platforms of the 3 others. Although the trading volume itself is not that large, the liquidity providers still ensure sufficient liquidity. PrimeXBT scores, however, by trading forex, indices, metals and commodities, which also allows you to increase your bitcoin by trading on traditional markets. This means that you are not restricted to the crypto world, but are very flexible. Another advantage is that the platform has no failures even during very volatile times, which is appreciated by many traders. Also the constant improvements and extensions of the platform are very praiseworthy.

PrimeXBT is also very similar to the behaviour of a normal broker, which is reflected among other things in the order types, as long and short positions can be launched simultaneously for the same asset, which is only possible in a detour on the other platforms.

PrimeXBT vs CFD Broker

Trading crypto currencies through CFD brokers is not much fun. Forex, Commodities, Metals and Indices work quite well with CFDs, but with Cryptos you have to expect very high spreads (difference between the Ask and Bid price). Mostly there are also higher fees for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, you have to verify yourself very often, the leverage is limited and you may have less freedom of movement. However, it must be said that verification is not necessarily a disadvantage, because CFD brokers naturally offer a lot of protection and are regulated, which is not the case with PrimeXBT. However, for someone who doesn’t want to give away his data just like that, PrimeXBT is better suited. However, CFD brokers offer a deposit and withdrawal with fiat money as standard.


During our test of PrimeXBT we were able to get a good impression of the platform. PrimeXBT offers a few more assets that are very interesting for traders who want to increase their Bitcoin. For the clarity of the dashboard and also for the mobile app we give a thumbs up. PrimeXBT differs slightly from the usability of the interface, but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. PrimeXBT shows that it can also make sense to offer other assets for traders who want to use them to increase their cryptos. Although no futures are offered for cryptos, this compensates for the multitude of instruments offered.

Last updated: 7. December 2020