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Purse discount FAQ

Receiving the discount

Do i need to enter a Purse discount code or coupon to use the Purse discount?

No, it all works without bonus codes.

How do I receive the discount without a bonus code?

You just have to sign up at Purse and choose your discount.

What is the highest discount on purse.io?

The average discount lies in a range of 5% to 15%. Higher discounts up to 33% are possible, but your order might not be filled.

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Purse discount details and requirements

How does this work exactly?

There are five simple steps:

  1. Choose the discount
  2. Buy in cryptocurrency with purse
  3. Earner purchases the order you made
  4. Order delivery
  5. Purse transfers the cryptocurrency to the Earner

What are Earners?

People who want to exchange an amazon gift card for cryptocurrencies.

How long are the order and delivery times?

The less discount you pick, the faster it is. With a 5% discount, Purse will fill the orders directly.

Where can I decide how much discount I want?

You can move the dicount slider on the checkout page.

What does “Buy Now” and “Name Your Discount” mean exactly?

Buy Now is an instant 5% discount. Name Your Discount lets you pick a discount from 6-33%, in this case it will take longer to get your purchased products.

Will I get a tracking number for my order?

Yes, as soon as an Earner accepts your order.

What if no Earner accepts my chosen discount?

Your order will be listed on the order books as lons as an Earner accepts it. If you don`t want to wait, try to reduce the discount.

Can I buy products with Purse if I don`t have any cryptocurrency?


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Further questions about the discount

Is this really legit?


Why does purse.io give amazon discounts for bitcoin?

Purse simply matches people with amazon gift cards and people who want to buy products on amazon for a cheaper price. The buyer gets a discount and the Earner cryptocurrency. It is a win-win.

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More info about Purse

Purse.io is not perfect but what the service offers is extremely helpful. Even if they don’t offer discounts and only allow Bitcoin purchases on Amazon, that alone would be a good offer. The opportunity to get additional high discounts on Amazon, which itself already offers good prices and discounts to retailers, is something that can appeal to both those who already own Bitcoin and those who still need to be convinced to enter the market.

Pros & Cons


  • Purse. io offers relatively generous discounts for people who want to buy Amazon items with Bitcoin.
  • Purse.io responds relatively quickly to inquiries and solves problems promptly.
  • Bitcoin buyers and sellers can check each other and award points.


  • It can be difficult to find a buyer for a relatively small order
  • Beginners you are initially limited to a discount of 8%, although the front page promises a value of 15%.
  • The buying process can sometimes be a little confusing

What is Purse.io and how does it work?

Purse.io has become one of the most popular Bitcoin services. Why? There is still a problem with Bitcoin at the moment, there are not yet that many stores that accept Bitcoin. This means that now you have bought Bitcoin or realized profits from trades but you cannot spend your Bitcoin directly without first exchanging it back into Euros or Dollars and incurring further costs. So how can you now shop with Bitcoin? Well you can buy almost anything on Amazon, so if you could spend Bitcoins on Amazon you could buy almost anything with Bitcoin.

Unfortunately Amazon does not accept Bitcoin, so there is Purse.io. The company allows you to buy items directly from Amazon if you are willing to wait until another user takes your order.

The whole thing works like this

Buyers place their Amazon order through Purse.io, and send the appropriate amount of Bitcoin to Purse.io’s escrow service. Now either Purse itself or another user will pay for the items in Euros and arrange for shipping to your address. As soon as the buyer has received the items, he or she releases the Bitcoin and the transaction is complete. The nice thing is as a buyer you get a discount of 8% for the possible waiting time. If it is available on the Amazon Prime item, free shipping is usually included.

Depending on the size of your purchase, Purse.io can save you a lot of money, especially if you do not have an Amazon Prime account. Or even better, if you don’t want your Bitcoin earnings to appear in your account, for example, to maintain your anonymity you can bypass your bank and spend your Bitcoin directly.


In order to use Purse you need an Amazon account, and to register with Purse you will need to have an email address, which provides further privacy and helps to use Bitcoin Anonymous. Once you have signed up with Purse you can create an Amazon wishlist or import it automatically from Amzon using the wishlist URL. The next step is to transfer the required amount of Bitcoin for the planned purchase to your Purse Wallet.

In addition to buying things from Amazon you can also buy directly from Purse.io dealers. The selection is growing steadily but is still relatively manageable.

What we do not like so much

It is relatively easy to import an article from Amazon to Purse. It is easy, but it also seems like an unnecessary step. Why can’t I search and browse Amazon articles directly on Purse? Purse.io does offer search, but it is not as effective as Amazon itself. For example, a search for “Xiaomi” will result in 20 pages of products on Amazon.de, but only 11 articles on Purse.io.

After clicking on the entry, the options are somewhat limited. You can’t see reviews from Amazon buyers that could pose a copyright problem, but Purse.io also has no section where buyers could leave feedback. With so many fake and purchased reviews on Amazon, we feel that Purse.io is missing an opportunity to provide its users with honest reviews. Worse still, while every merchant’s reputation is publicly visible, it doesn’t contain many details. Users can only vote up, down or neutrally on one trader and there is no way to give more details. It would be nice if you could read other users’ reviews and judge for yourself whether their complaints are appropriate or not.

These include Amazon Gift Cards, Points Credit Cards, Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Sapphire Points, Amazon Credit Cards and Credit Cards. Purse gives you ultimate flexibility in converting unused Amazon Gift Cards and allows you to purchase Bitcoin in different payment methods.

Follow these simple steps to get started

  1. Navigate to “Earn” and browse the available orders.
  2. Filter by country and number of Bitcoins you wish to buy.
  3. Click on an order to see a preview and select “Accept offer”.
  4. Then buy the articles at Amazon.

Click on “Add wish list to shopping cart” and the entire order will automatically be added to your Amazon shopping cart. Choose the same delivery address that is marked during the ordering process. Once you have completed the purchase copy the Amazon Order ID and click on “Send” to Purse.io.

Once the buyer’s goods are delivered, your Bitcoin will be credited to your account. The Bitcoins remain in Purse’s escrow account throughout the process. This prevents misuse and in case of a conflict can be resolved without loss of money.

15%+ Discount

15%+ Discount on Amazon. Shop with BTC or BCash.
Last updated: 16. October 2020