Whaleclub.co Coupon – Discount Code

30% Deposit Bonus

Enjoy trading without fees and get a 30% Bonus on your first deposit!

30% Bonus

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Whaleclub.co has been operating since 2016 as a trading platform that works with cryptocurrencies, forex, metals, stocks, and bonds. If you are into the cryptocurrency trading world, then I’m sure that this website has been detected on your radar for some time now. Today, we will be giving a short review about this website and what to expect of them.

Creating an Account and Trading

Creating an account with WhaleClub.co is as easy as pumpkin pie. Just head on to their website and you are able to choose between their Real Account registration and Demo Account registration. Their demo account is very easy since you do not need to register real information to use all the functionality of a real account. They also provide you a complete tutorial on how to use their trading platform, which is always great. But compared to industry giants like binance.com, whaleclub.co only alllows few markets to trade.

The demo account will provide you 5 BTC and 50 DASH for you to be able to play around with. Use these provided resources properly and treat them like real cash for you to be able to learn faster. The available pairs that you are able to trade with (crypto) are BTC/USD, DASH/BTC, and XMR/BTC. Choose which pair you want to trade with and you are good to go. All successful trades will show up on the bottom part of the account page. Everything that you need to know about making an order can be read here.

Deposits and Withdrawals

This website is a crypto currency trading platform that means that they only transact with Bitcoin or Dash. Just click on the deposit tab which can be found on the lower part of your account and you will be provided with the details that you need to complete.

They do offer up to 30% bonus upon first deposit, please do take advantage of that if you are serious in trading here. The bonus only lasts for seven days, so think of it properly. Withdrawals are charged 0.001 BTC per transaction.

Customer Support

Whaleclub.co does not offer any live chat support or phone support as they only have an email support team to help you with your account issues. You are able to access their CS channel by scrolling down the main page and clicking on “Contact Support.”

Pros and Cons


  • Accepts Cryptocurrency
  • Fast Verification
  • No trading Fees


  • Does not accept Credit Cards
  • No Live Chat/Phone Support


Without the hick-up of not having any Fiat deposit methods, this website is actually great for trading various crypto currencies / altcoins with low fees.. Whaleclub.co has been a great player in the Bitcoin industry since 2016 and has continuously impressed users and readers from the around the globe.

30% Deposit Bonus

Enjoy trading without fees and get a 30% Bonus on your first deposit!

30% Bonus