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Wirex discount FAQ

Receiving the fee discount

Do i need to enter a Wirex bonus code or coupon to use the Wirex discount?

This promo works without a promo code.

How do I receive the discount without a bonus code?

You have do buy Wirex token (WXT) in order to profit from the discount on fees.

What is WXT?

It is the native cryptocurrency from Wirex, which is used as universal fee and reward system.

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Wirex discount details and requirements

How much can I save in fees?

Up to 100%, here are the details:

  • 500,000 WXT – 100%
  • 100,000 WXT – 50%
  • 50,000 WXT – 25%

What kind of fees does this discount include?

  • credit/debit card fees
  • management fees
  • ATM fees
  • SWIFT charges
  • exchange fees
  • bank transfer fees
  • withdrawal fees

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Further questions about the discount, coupon or promo code

Are there other benefits or rewards from using WXT?

Yes, you will also get:

  • enhanced Cryptoback (up to 1.5%) when you pay with the Wirex Visa card
  • free access to Wirex premium and a free premium card
  • exklusive offers
  • travel insurance and lounge access on airports

Where can I buy WXT?

Directly with the wirex app, as soon as you are a verified customer.

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More info about Wirex

We all know that internet transactions today are huge especially when it comes to Bitcoins! That is why it is really efficient to have a medium for online transactions today. Have you ever heard about Bitcoin wallets? Virtual wallets that are able to store your virtual currency for you? If you do not have any idea on how Bitcoin wallets work, then please take your time to read about some things that you need to know about it here.

What is Wirex?

Wirex is a wallet service that provides you a virtual wallet for you to store Bitcoins at! As mentioned above, in this modern day of cryptocurrencies, it is really convenient to have a virtual wallet with you. Wirex provides that service for you to be able to store your Bitcoins at, and use it to transact online where Bitcoin is needed. In addition, please be advised that the wallet is able to handle traditional Fiat currencies as well.

Features of Wirex

Aside from being an online wallet, Wirex bridges the gap between the virtual world and the real one that we live in. Yes, your virtual wallet can be a physical card. This means that if you have Bitcoin balance in your wallet, you are able to spend this as real currency with the use of your physical card. Simply convert your Bitcoins to the currency you want through your mobile App or Online Account.

How to get Wirex

With all this talk about the wallet, we forgot to tell you how to get one. So how do you get one? There are two ways to get Wirex. You can either create an online account or download the mobile app through AppStore or PlayStore, I suggest getting both.


If you are currently on a hunt for a Bitcoin wallet or just simply an online wallet for transactions then please do take a look at this company. Wirex also has blogs that you are able to read about here to know more about them. My advice is to read more about them and get to know them better before deciding after reading this review.

-100% Discount (up to)

Save up to 100% on fees!

up to - 100% Discount:

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Last updated: 18. October 2020