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Coinmama bonus FAQ

Receiving the discount

Do i need to enter a Coinmama discount code or coupon to use the Coinmama discount?

No, it is a special promotion without coupons or bonus code.

How do I receive the discount without a promo code?

It will be added automatically, when you buy cryptocurrencies.

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More info about Coinmama

Coinmama is in any case an original crypto exchange. In our Coinmama Review we will show you what else it has to offer apart from an original name and interesting communication:

The Facts

Coinmama went online in 2013 and is owned by “NBV International s.r.o.”, which is registered in Slovakia. In the comparison of crypto exchanges, Coinmama is therefore already one of the older ones.

Coinmama’s claim is “The easiest and safest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum”. But – my ass! At the exchange, you can currently buy Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH as well as Ethereum Classic ETC, Ripple XRP, Cardano ADA, the Chinese Coin Qtum, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCC.

All VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards as well as SEPA bank transfer are currently available as means of payment. According to its own information, Coinmama has 1,250,000 customers in 188 countries since 2013.

Coinmama claims to offer the easiest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. This should be reflected in the log-in.

As with some other exchanges, a multi-stage registration process is planned. In principle it starts with a selfie or with photo identification (passport or driving licence). Then you can achieve even higher registration levels with an additional proof of identity and a questionnaire, which are also associated with higher trade limits. However, the following overall limits apply to all of them: €5,000 per day and €20,000 per month.

The registration process is user friendly and fast! Coinmama processes uploads during business hours usually within an hour. This is not only faster than some other exchanges – this is also a big plus in our Coinmama Review!

Basically there are two reassuring key data at Coinmama

This exchange has been on the market for a long time. And: the legal headquarters is in Europe. Coinmama also states that no personal data is stored on servers and is committed to data protection.

In addition, Coinmama does not store the coins you buy, but transfers them directly to your personal wallet. So the storage happens neither hot nor cold, but not at all. Purchased coins are delivered almost immediately.

In our Coinmama Review there is nothing to criticize in terms of security and seriousness.

Payments and expenses at Coinmama

As described above: Coinmama does not offer wallets for her users. The buying process is a little bit different – but very simple: 1. choose crypto currency, 2. define the amount (also possible with a fancy slider!), 3. click “Buy”, 4. enter your own wallet address, 5. choose payment method, 6. pay according to payment method, 7. done – the coins are put into your own wallet.

Likeable without professional features

Coinmama also goes its own way when it comes to expenses: They are included in the purchase price – similar to what was described in our Bitpanda Review. In other words: The coin amount ordered will not be charged afterwards. Another transparency guarantee is Coinmama’s “Locked Crypto Rate”: The price is frozen at the time of your purchase, any fluctuations during the payment process and the period until the block grove has confirmed the transfer are not taken into account.

At Coinmama you could only buy coins, not sell them. Now European customers with SEPA connection can at least sell BTC. On top of that there are 5.9% exchange fees – the mummy is not exactly the most immodest.


What Coinmama is in fact: likeable. All communication is very much geared towards openness and transparency. They call their support team the “Happiness Heroes”. Coinmama sees itself not only as a financial service provider, but also as an institution that gives people power. From their catalogue of values: The future of money lies where we, the people, control our own economy. Coinmama sees no place for middlemen, hidden fees and small print.

In the Help Center, users are warned against popular scams: that Airbnb and Amazon do not accept crypto payments, so such payments cannot be legal. It is also stressed that Amazon or Microsoft never ask for credit card information over the phone…

Coinmama is clearly about more than just making a quick profit with crypto currencies. And pros won’t be happy with the expenses, the limits and the non-existent trading opportunities here anyway.

Conclusion: Coinmama is customer-oriented and transparent, but not cheap and offers only very limited possibilities to sell coins. For beginners nice and inviting.

30% Discount

Get a 30% discount on fees at Coinmama!
Last updated: 16. October 2020